Item # 6741: Oxnard, CA, Unpowered / Human Powered 16′ to 20′ ft

Boat Length16' - 20' ft
Boat Year2009
Boat MakeScogal Canoe
Boat ModelSmart Yacht
Boat Exterior ColorWhite
Boat Interior ColorWhite
Working ConditionYes

Additional Description

This is a fast, fun and seaworthy ultralight custom built wooden ocean canoe - 19 feet long, approximately 55 pounds, water tight forward and aft raised decks and Honduras mahogany trim. Swamping is reduced by watertight compartments in the fore and aft deck. Even if water enters the cockpit, no problem - simply bail it out and continue. The boat will not sink. It is made of wood and there are two positive flotation chambers. The decks peak in the middle, so if a wave comes over the deck the knife-like effect of the decks construction allows the boat the cut through the water. The cold waters of California inspired a raised cockpit which helps keep you dry while not entrapping you like a kayak. The fore and aft section of the cockpit forms a splash guard which further helps keep you dry if a wave comes over the bow or stern. Multiple available!