Item # 15547: Lomita, CA, 1988 Kawasaki Ninja

Vehicle Year1988
Vehicle MakeKawasaki
Vehicle ModelNinja
Vehicle ColorOther Color
Automatic Or ManualManual
Vehicle DriveRear Wheel
Stock Or ModifiedModified
Working ConditionYes

Additional Description

This is a "Top Fuel Dragster" the ultimate eliminator in a motorcycle drag race.  It would have been considered state of the art back in the late 1980s through early 1990s and is historically accurate.  Lights have been added to make it street legal although they can be easily removed by request.  Parachutes for slowing/stopping are also available and can be attached to the bike to make it historically accurate for the time period.  It is OK for continuous driving as well as burn-outs.
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Item #15533 must have a minimum of a $500K additionally insured certificate due to the rare nature of the item. This item can only be operated by John due to the customized steering of the vehicle. If this requires him to be on film then for legal reasons they can only use his likeness or audio but not both. John will supervise the shipping of the vehicle. It will require a 20' flat bed to be transported since the vehicle measures18'8". No metal, only nylon straps can be used to secure the vehicle.