Item # 38467: Hercules C-130

Aircraft Year2000
Aircraft MakeDouglas
Aircraft ModelC-130 Hercules
Working ConditionYes

Additional Description

The C-130 'Hercules' military transport is the most widely used and versatile airlifter in the world. This heavy four-engine turboprop is capable of operating from remote, high elevation, short, and unimproved runways.The C-130's combination of a cargo floor at truck bed height and integral rear loading ramp provides ease of loading and unloading with true roll-on/roll-off capability. This aircraft can be painted and adorned as long as it is restored to its original state.
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Item #38467: Filming Days Rate to Owner is $5,500 per 12 hour day + Fuel + Oil. Round-trip rate to location is separate. All rates include 4 crew members (pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer, and mechanic) and their own hotel, food, and transportation costs. Owner requests 2 talent positions to be assigned to the crew of his choice. Rough cost of fuel + oil per hour for ground operations with all 4 engines running is $3,500. Additional insurance for the aircraft is required by the owner (i.e. cost associated with bumping up their own policy for the project + additional insurance from the production). OK to use wax paint or vinyl wrap. Interior of the aircraft can be done in any configuration requested by the production at the owner's cost (i.e. add or remove seats, or any other available equipment).