About Us

Our goal is to solve 2 questions that constantly come-up when a production is filming: (1) people asking “How can I rent my items to the film industry?”, and (2) productions wanting to know “Where can I find this item?”. By allowing people to submit their rentals via our online portal and providing productions with an easy way to search for anything from cars to land, we were quickly able to create a solution to both.

Our success early on allowed us to offer many types of rentals from things in front of the camera such as Picture Vehicles (car, trucks, motorcycles, watercraft, heavy equipment and aircraft), Film Locations, and Set Dec/Props; things behind the camera such as Studio Equipment, and Base Camps; as well as Cast/Crew Housing.

Meet our Staff

Claire Yankee Claire Yankee
President of Studio Find It Inc, and Managing Member of both Studio Find It Realty & Studio Find It Travel
Claire has spent her career working for start-up and growth-phase companies helping them achieve both financial and operations goals.
Kristi Smith Kristi Smith
Concierge Service Provider and General Manager for the Studio Find It companies
Kristi’s sales and customer service background has helped shape and mold our companies to ensure that our clients are receiving the best care possible.