Going Green

Glitz and glam are Hollywood production standards, but where does going green fit in?  Studio Find It can help you quickly and easily reduce your carbon footprint through our normal business practices.


Think that you can only find what you need for your production in Hollywood? Think again. We can source everything you need to rent and purchase locally which can save your production thousands of pounds of CO2 emissions per truck while helping your bottom line by reducing what you spend on logistics.

Pounds CO2 per Round Trip per Truck

According to a study published by the U.S. Department of Energy in March 2008, the average large diesel truck (think stake beds and tractor/trailers) got 6.5 MPG and output 3.443 pounds CO2 Factor per mile. Now, think about the average “out-of-town” production and how many miles, let alone how many trucks make the round-trip to popular locations such as Albuquerque, Atlanta and Detroit.  By choosing Studio Find It and keeping your average round-trip rental under 30 miles, you’ll be making a hugely positive impact on the environment.


Earth's Continents Formed Out of Leaves

Reduce, reuse, recycle is a phrase we all remember from our school days, but what about eliminate? We offers paperless invoicing and payments ultimately eliminating paperwork and saving time which is both green and convenient. Invoices are delivered to your designated production contact upon generation. Payments can then be made by check, credit card or transfer over the phone or via our online portal.