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We created Studio Find It as an easy way for people looking to submit items for rent to the motion picture industry as well as for production personnel who are searching for items they need for their shows.

Item Owners

Due to the varying needs of the motion picture industry and scripts calling for many different types of featured and even background items, we can help you rent anything including your old beat-up car, classic automobile, condo, single family home, ranch, commercial property, sail boat, motor boat, plane, excavator, grand piano – truly anything you can think of despite its condition!

In addition to getting paid for the use of your property, you will also benefit from the increased value of it being used on the big screen. Many times, the owner of items used in popular movies and television shows see an increased value of 500% or more when auctioning or selling these possessions. Upon request, Studio Find It will provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity which will state the date, production and item used to commemorate the event.

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Production Personnel

Let us help you save on both time and the bottom line by cutting out a lot of the work involved in finding vehicles, heavy equipment, locations, boats, aircraft, props and housing. We understand that the needs of each and every production is a little different so we work extra hard to ensure that we have a varied database to suit your needs.

By allowing the public to place their items for rent to studios, you are constantly getting fresh items for your latest show or feature.

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