Prohibited Items

Since mantra here at Studio Find It is everything rents, you may be surprised to see that there are some items that we don’t work with; however, the list is short and we promise that it’s in your best interest (and ours) that we don’t handle them.


Prohibited Items Circle Slash Examples

For those of you that have submitted yourself before and had your submission rejected – we promise it’s not because we don’t like you, it just isn’t our forte. There are some great agencies out there in your local area that can be found with a simple online search. We suggesting using the search terms “casting agency” with your city and/or state.


Due to the hazardous nature of dead people, plants and animals, we cannot work with or transport these items.

*Taxidermy and artwork exhibiting dried and pressed plants are exceptions.


Due to the dangerous nature of all weapons, we cannot work with or transport these items.

**If you have a collection of weapons, such as WWII, WWI, Civil War, etc., contact us as there are some exceptions to this rule.