Rewards Programs

At Studio Find It, there are many ways to earn money and rewards whether you’re an item owner or production personnel! The only requirement? You have to be a member so that we have a profile to associate it with. No need to stress though, it’s free and easy to register if you haven’t already done so. Check out the details below.


Whether it’s a friend, family member or organization, when a new item owner registers and lists you as the “Referred By” party, we star your profile as a reminder to send you a finder’s fee. Finder’s fees are a one-time payment made to you the first time your friend’s item rents. Don’t worry…your finder’s fee doesn’t come from the money they’ll earn on their rental, it comes from us. Sharing is caring!

To refer an item owner, you can send them directly to our website to register, or complete the Refer a Friend form located in the My Account section when you’re logged-in and we’ll contact them.


Unless you’re a seasoned professional, you’re probably asking yourself, “what is a base camp and why would I recommend one?” A base camp is typically a parking lot or field where productions store their trucks and other items while filming on location. If you’ve listed your film location with us, then recommending a base camp is a great opportunity to increase its rent-ability. That’s not the only benefit though! We treat those who recommend base camps the same as those who refer friends, so you can earn a finder’s fee here too (a one-time payment made to you the first time the base camp rents)!

To recommend a base camp, you can send the owner directly to our website to register and have them submit it as a Location, or complete the Recommend a Base Camp form located in the My Account section when you’re logged-in and we’ll contact them.


Now, we can’t just reward those who refer item owners and recommend base camps! What about those already working in the film industry? Or if you “know someone, who knows someone”? Production Points is a program where you can earn points for (1) referring industry professionals who register to our website for free, (2) referring motion picture productions, and (3) renting items on a motion picture production. Points can be redeemed for rewards just like you do with most other rewards programs. Rewards will range from gift cards to mountain bikes to vacations. Details coming soon…