Tax Incentives

These days every state seems to be competing against one another for the best film tax incentives in the union. Considering that major studios spend an average of $50M to $250M+ on producing a feature film, why wouldn’t they be clamoring to get your attention? So how do you know which state will give you the best deal? It’s as simple as supporting the local economy which Studio Find It can help you do in any state.
Tax Incentive Image


There’s nothing like hearing it from the horse’s mouth and we highly recommend doing so. Communicating with the local film commission will provide you with invaluable information to ensure you understand what your production needs to do to meet the requirements for the state’s motion picture tax incentives as well as qualifying expenditures.

While Studio Find It can’t represent you in speaking with the film commission, we do have contacts in many states and are happy to do an introduction whenever possible.


Once you’re clear on the film commission’s most up-to-date regulations, let us know how we can help. Studio Find It operates in all 50 states and currently has a physical presence in 3. We will work closely with you and the local film commission to leverage your rentals and purchases in a way that helps you make the most of the film tax incentives within the procedures set forth by the governing agency(s).